Hi, I’m Natasha Lunn.


I’m a Lactation Consultant.


I help mums breastfeed in a way that works well for them and for their baby.

Fast facts:

  • Author of #1 Amazon bestseller “Boobalicious: From Hot Mess to Breastfeeding Success”
  • An IBCLC, i.e. I’m certifed by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners.
  • Masters degree in Osteopathy.
  • Mum of 2

Talking points:

  • Bullsh*t breastfeeding beliefs
  • Helping mums get clear on why they want to breastfeed (or not, that’s OK too)
  • Preparing for the baby
  • Team Boobie: getting help from partners, family, friends and professionals
  • FAQs about breastfeeding, e.g. cracked nipples, baby not latching properly, settling a fussy baby, and more.
  • Weaning
  • Breastfeeding multiples
  • How to become a lactation consultant
  • Starting and running a lactation consulting practice
  • Breastfeeding info for other medical professionals


  • Osteopathy Australia – CPD training webinar: breastfeeding for osteopaths
  • Mums & Co – “Natasha Lunn, The Boobala”
  • The Parenting Co – “Nipple confusion: how to get a baby to breastfeed after bottle feeding

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